Our Story

Women Business Leaders began with a desire to effectively and authentically reach women in the market place for Christ. Young Business Leaders, a faith based group of men in the Birmingham marketplace, have been impacting the business world for Christ since 1981 and several years ago, felt it was time to specifically gear their efforts toward women. Forming a steering committee in 2013, plans began to unfold and Women Business Leaders began to take shape.

Within the year, a series of outreach brunches were hosted to discern the level of interest and desire for a ministry among women in Birmingham workplaces. As numbers grew, official meeting spaces were reserved and speakers were secured to share their testimony of how God has moved throughout their personal and professional lives. 2015 was a landmark year for WBL as a mission statement and vision were put on paper, a logo was secured, the website launched and an official director was hired.

Being non-denominational, this organization centers totally on the person of Jesus Christ as the source of meeting the personal needs of women professionals in the marketplace.  WBL seeks to use the common and neutral ground of the business environment as a comfortable medium through which to generate interest in the Christian faith.  It is hoped that as a woman engages in a working environment and incorporates Christian principles into every aspect of her life, there will be a ripple effect among her fellow employees.  This will ultimately result in a more positive business environment and greater ethical practices based on biblical teachings in the marketplace. Through God’s abundant grace and favor, WBL continues, expanding its reach to support women in the workplace for His glory and honor.